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December 14, 2020

Horses are a kind of animal which is very familiar with human life. They are loyal and considered as our great companions on all roads. In many countries all around the world, horses are embodiment of talent, luck, happiness, power, strength, energy and creativity.

Let’s take a look with us, Vibe Cosy, to know more about the top 15 most famous horse breeds in the world.

1. Friesian horse with its specific glossy black coat makes people think of courageous heroes.

2. The Akhal-Teke is one of the most thoroughbred horses in the world. It possesses extremely fast galloping speed and has a respectable endurance.

3. The Percheron is a draft horse breed derived from western France, well known for its intelligence and willingness to work.

4. The Trakehner horse originated from Germany. They are a high-quality sports horse that have won many awards in international equestrian performance competitions.

5. Haflinger horse lives mainly in Austria and northern Italy. This is a beautiful horse breed, elegant and quite imperturbable.

6. Rocky Mountain breeds usually reside in Kentucky, USA. This horse is famous for its mane and tail that is white in contrast to its glossy black coat.

7. The Orlov Trotter horse from Russia with gray-spotted feathers stands out like a beautiful princess.

8. The Shire is a draft horse breed. They can pull large weights.

9. The Gypsy is a small breed with many feathers on the legs. They are also known for the black and white spots on the body.

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10. Knabstrupper horse is a breed from Denmark with unique coat like a dalmatian.

11. The white coat mixed with brown spots is characteristic of the Pinto Horse

12. Appaloosa is an American breed famous for its colorful, spotted coat. It is known that the color or pattern on the horse’s body is the result of inheritance.

13. Tinker is another name for the Gypsy horse. They are a powerful towing assistant for the Romany

14. Arabian horse, also known as apricot horse is a rare breed originating from Arab. In addition, they are associated with the history of the horse racing sport.

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15. Despite its small stature, the Norwegian Fjord breed is very strong. They concentrate mainly in the mountains of western Norway

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