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December 10, 2021


Nowaday, there are more and more powerful hand tools that can effectively assist the carpenter. Here are 5 essential tools for working wood in any carpentry workshop.

The application of machinery in the processing and manufacturing of wooden furniture both saves time and effort and helps to improve productivity and product quality. In order to work more efficiently and professionally, whether you are a finish carpenter, maintenance carpenter, renovation carpenter, or rough carpenter, you should be equipped with these indispensable tools.

Saw machine

 The first essential carpentertool is a saw. Almost every carpentry workshop, whether small or large, must have it. With the ability to perform all cuts from simple to complex such as sawing, cutting, sawing wood panels, plywood ... A handset saw machine is the ideal solution to help cut wood quickly with high accuracy and cost savings.


The second essential tool for working wood is the planer. This is considered an effective support device in processing wood surfaces. Thanks to the planer, the original rough wood panels will become smoother and more beautiful. This not only makes it easy to design and finish carpentry, but also helps carpenters save a lot of time and effort.


There are many kinds of laners nowaday including table planers, electric planers, battery planers… so you can choose depending on your needs and your budget.

Orbital sander

 Sanding is a particularly important stage of determining the quality of the finished product. This stage is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive because it requires high care and meticulousness of the carpenter. Therefore, the sanding machine is a useful "assistant" for any carpentry contractors.

Thanks to its stability and efficient operation, this equipment can be shortened to 1/3 - 1/2 of the time of carpenter work compared with previous manual sanding


This is a specialized equipment in carpentry, used to create shaped surfaces, create curves, groove hinges, decorate edges, cut mortise, cut grooves, drill holes... Milling lines created by the router can achieve high precision and complexity, providing high quality and aesthetic products.


It can be said that the wood drill is the most important carpenter tool for any carpentry contractors. Drills will help you do deep drills on wood or other materials such as thin iron, zinc. Currently, there are many hand-held drills with a weight of about 1.5kg, compact size, and easy to move when working. Hand-held wood drills often use drill bits with diameters ranging from 15mm to 30mm.

Top Brand for Woodworking


Makita is a leading Japanese power tool manufacturer. With the application of modern technology, Makia products not only have durability but also high accuracy, helping carpenters to operate easily and effectively.

For the carpentry industry, Makita provides key product lines such as from sanders, routers, circular saws, angle grinders,.. Makita carpentry tools are also known for their sharpness and operation, stable performance, low noise with a wide range of categories and prices.


A German 100-year-old brand, BOSCH is not only famous in the construction and mechanical field, but also dominates the market for hand-held power tools for carpenters such as polishing machines, saws, and machines. planer, grinder…

With the mission of bringing the best products to consumers, BOSCH has always produced high quality, durable, smart and convenient hand tools for customers. Generally, BOSCH's woodworking tools also help to save electricity


Milwaukee is famous for its lightweight one-handed drill, called the Hole Shooter. Today, the company have a huge line of cordless power tools for working wood, leading the way to a cordless revolution. This brand has also developed an important solution that allows carpentry contractors to efficiently maintain and manage all their battery powered tools.


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