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December 15, 2020

The Eagle belongs to the Falcon tribe, class of birds, family Accipitridae, is a large bird of prey, known as "lord of the sky", living in high mountains and primary forests. The largest species of eagle has a body length of more than 1m and weighs 7kg, a wingspan of from 1.5m to 2m.

The eagle symbolizes strength, courage, foresight, immortality and contains many valuable lessons for life. It is also an honorable bird to be chosen as a symbol of America, why is this bird so special, let's explore the 7 principles of eagle life …

  1. Know who you are
  2. Far-seeing
  3. This is your decision
  4. Take advantage of difficult conditions to turn it into your advantage
  5. Be careful with your faith
  6. To success, you must go through the pain
  7. Accept pain for change

Principle 1: Know who you are

The eagle flies alone at a very high level, it does not fly with sparrows, or mingles with other smaller birds such as geese and ducks.

Stay away from sparrows and crows or others who get in the way and hold on to your work. Eagles fly only with other Eagles

Principle 2: Far-seeing

The eagle has very far vision, ability to focus on something up to a distance of 5 kilometers. When it detects its prey, even a remote rodent, it spends the whole attention on the prey and finds a way to catch it.

Nothing can prevent the eagle, it will not change the target until it has caught the prey.

A good vision and high concentration of work will help you to handle any issue and you will be successful.

Principle 3: This is your decision

Unlike Vultures, the eagle never eats dead things but only the fresh prey. Be careful what you see and hear, especially the situations in movies and on television.

We must always remember that what exists within us will be obsolete and outdated. Therefore, it is necessary to renew yourself by learning and making constant changes.

Principle 4. Take advantage of difficult conditions to turn it into your advantage.

Eagles love big storms; this is the only bird that loves hurricanes. The eagle uses the wind force of the storm to lift it higher even above the clouds. This gives the Eagle a chance to glide higher from its wings. Meanwhile, all other birds normally hide in leaves, branches, and hollows.

We can use the storms of life to lift us to new heights and to enjoy the fruits of our challenges and turn the storms of life into benefits for us.

Principle 5. Be careful with your faith

An eagle always has a test before it puts its faith in another. Before dating, there is usually a test for the male eagle, the female flies to the ground while the male is chasing it. Then it steals a dry branch and flies back into the air with the male continuing chasing it. When it has reached the height it wants, it will release the branch to let the branch fall freely and the male still chases this branch to capture the branch before letting it fall to the ground and bring that branch back to the female eagle. This process repeats for hours with the higher level, until the female can assure that the male is able to commit to mastering the art of picking up the branches.

Whether in private or in business, one test of people's commitment to a partnership is always indispensable.

Principle 6. To success, you must go through the pain

Both male and female Eagles participate in protecting the young. Females are responsible for laying eggs and protecting them, while males build nests and go foraging. During the time teaching the young Eagles to learn to fly, the mother Eagle throws them out of the nest. Because of scaring, the cubs will jump back into the nest. Then, the mother Eagle throws them back and continues to strip off all the soft layers that lined the nest, only leaving bare spines. When the young Eagles get frightened and once again jump back into their nest, they get stung by the spikes that make them bleed.

Furthermore, the Eagle mother pushes them off the cliff into the air until they scream due to fearing, their father flies out and catches them back before they crash and sends them back onto the cliff. This will continue until the baby Eagles can begin to flap their wings and fly.

Those who love us will never allow us to be weak or lazy, they will push us into the difficult situation to teach us many valuable lessons in life.

Principle 7. Accept pain for change

Eagles are birds that can live to 70 years old, but at the age of 40, they must make an important decision - change or die? During this period, the Eagles' claws and beaks became weak, their feathers were too thick to fly, and their wings were heavy. Before that situation, Eagles often had two options: either wait for death, or go through a painful 150-day process of change in order to be able to be reborn.

These 7 principles prove for the reason why eagles have become the symbol of America, it presents for the courage, braveness, immortality and adaptability with the environment, in which no other birds can have these features. Thus, we have lots of beautiful clothes to show these strong symbols that will amaze you a lot to choose one. And do not miss out on the discount code HA10 for 10% off for our new customers. We wish you love it.