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December 09, 2021

“8 seconds” is unique to rodeo in sports. But have you ever wondered why 8 seconds and not another length of time was chosen? How did they come up with that in the first place?

The reward of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) World Championship is 1 million USD. The rule is: Within 8 seconds in bull riding, the cowboys can't touch any part of their body or the bulls. If a bull rider can stay abroad for 8 seconds on the back of a bucking bull, the judges will rate him on a 100-point scale based on speed, strength, the change in direction, and the rest is his ability to adapt with the movement of the bull. But why 8 seconds?

A professional bull rider during a PBR event in Fresno

For the phrase “8 seconds”, its explanation is far more rational than one you might expect.

  1. First of all, 8 seconds is the length of a qualified ride and was devised purely for the safety and well-being of the animals. When the cowboy up, bulls exert so much energy in such a short time, 8 seconds is the max in general a bull will buck hard. Generally, after 8 seconds, the bull loses adrenaline and fatigue. Thus, their bucking ability decreases.
  2. The average bull buck 11 to 12 times in 8 seconds, so the bull rider has to work with a lot of jumps. While 6 seconds isn't long enough to get the full potential out of the cowboy and the animal athlete, and 10 seconds seem to be a bit long.
  3. 8 seconds bull riding in a rodeo also is sufficient time to showcase the controllability of the cowboy throughout the ride. It is also the perfect time to display the bulls bucking ability.

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Bull riding rodeo has been a popular event at all times for families and friends gathering. In all these years, this kind of extreme sport with bursts of dramatic action remains to fix the modern taste, not much has changed.

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