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December 27, 2020

People in today's society appreciate the individual ego and creativity of each person so the hippie culture is increasingly popular and pursued by them. Previously we could see hippie culture in a negative way, it was the culture of anti-social people that brought the bad image of hippie culture to everyone. But today, when talking about hippie culture, people think of beautiful moments of life, new and exciting experiences …

1. General knowledge about hippie

This new wave of ideas and thoughts about America is a new subculture called the hippies. The hippies began primarily in the Haight-Ashbury region of San Francisco and in the East Village of New York City. Hippies focused more on cultural values ​​in life than on political issues, even though it was an important part of their “Make Love, Not War'' slogan. The hippies fight the war and promote peace and love is the answer to everything. Hippie culture really attracts a lot of attention from the public and is shown on the mass media quite often. The biggest problems society has with hippies is that their public protests, meetings and discussions will flood the streets. Talking about the origins of Hippie culture, this movement began in the 1960s and this is the period when most young people begin to reflect on social values and experiment and then become the new social norm. A new anti-culture is emerging and the people involved are not afraid of what people think of them, and the fact is that many people think people who are angry at what they are doing are jealous.

Counterculture began as a youth movement and their ideas of everything including political, social, cultural, and everyday values were much different from what Americans had seen before. They don’t want to affect politics, however, their way to live creates the big wave which challenges every field in America.

2. Recognizable characteristic of hippie culture

Hippies are also very recognizable because of the way they look and the clothes like hoodie, t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc ... they wear. The way hippies dress is beyond social norms. They would wear ripped jeans, a peace sign, flowers, and anything tied up. They were often called “flower child” because they were often seen wearing flowers and they would often give out flowers during protests. Their clothes have a flower pattern or the pattern which you can feel fresh or happy when you admire them. You can catch some outstanding items showing clearest hippie culture here.

3. Type of hippie culture

There are 2 styles demonstrating the characteristic of Hippie culture. It all aims to guarantee freedom - life, expression and love, and this is clearly reflected in the kind of clothes they wear. They adopt the Bohemian lifestyle; they seem to give up the fussy but conventional style, popularized by iconic figures like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy and fostering a hippie cultural movement that has gone crazy in the fashion world. Furthermore, a series of wholesome chaotic events that paralyzed America in the 1960s, including the assassination of President Kennedy, demonstrations during the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement - further made intensifying the inherent hippie-style clothing movement.

a) Bohemian fashion

Gypsy-style scarves, Indian motifs, and African fabrics become the order of the day. A strong outrage towards commercialism, consumerism and mass production flared up. Hippie culture's eccentric independence threatens traditional fashion establishments. Needless to say, an unusual fashion style prevailed, both quirky and frivolous at the time. With its vibrant colors, ragged silhouettes, and countless beads and jewels, the hippos create a unique appearance based on creativity, personality and imagination. The patterns seemingly unrelated turn out to form a masterpiece, a whole through which expresses the desire to transcend all limits. Art does not have any standard, through the eyes and perception of each person that the work becomes art. Bohemian fashion is no exception, this fashion trend expresses the desire to burn, to be in harmony with nature, to reach out from the social norms of people pursuing Hippie culture.

b) Psychedelic style

The resulting colors form geometric blocks that then melt into dazzling swirls, amoeba motifs and floral fashions - the illusion of India was the end product of the great hippie movement. ), passive resistance and innate fascination in Far Eastern culture, especially Buddhism. Combining both music and visual arts, this new style embodies an appreciation of texture, lines and symmetry, all in sync with the 1960s hippie trend. Popularized by musical icons, such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix and it is clear that the young generation of the 1960s joined the band. Vibrant colors and quirky tie stains begin to plague the market, spreading the hallucinogenic craze like a wildfire. Psychedelic style is a characteristic of Hippie culture because it properly expresses the madness, the artist's blood as well as the illusions of the people of Hippie culture.

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