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December 10, 2020

On March 17, theIrishCommunity living all over the world celebratesSt. Patrick's Dayas a holiday with a view to honoring the long-standing cultural beauty of their country. When coming here on this special festival, tourists are not only dazzled by the space full of green, but also immersed in various exciting activities. This holiday will become more attractive with 4 interesting information we provide below.

1. AboutSt. Patrick

An interesting thing is that Saint is not anIrishman but an Englishman who was born in Maewyn Succat. According to legend, he was enslaved inIrelandas a teenager, after which he became a Catholic and escaped back to England and became a missionary namedPatrick. He was said to chase the snake out ofIrelandand use anIrishplant called “shamrock” as an instrument in evangelization and explanation of the idea of a Trinity via the shamrock’s shape. Because of those great contributions,St. Patrickis one ofIreland'smost famous patron saints and this holiday has been considered a religious festival inIrelandfor over 1500 years.

2. Shamrock and the Green

It is said that in the 5th century,St. Patrickused shamrockgrowing inIrelandto explain to the others about "The Trinity" to explain the relationship between the Father, the Son and the God. Besides, this plant also became a symbol of belief, hope and prosperity ofIreland.
Up to now, onSt. Patrick's Dayevery year, everything on the streets and corners seems to be dyed green. All, from people to other objects, foods, wear of green. Some people even decorate the shamrock on their faces, clothes and objects, others choose a mischievous goblin hat. In some places, people green a river, monuments and even the ski resort turned green to celebrate this occasion.

"Irishin green" and shamrock have become distinctiveIrishculture onSt. Patrick's Dayworldwide.

3. Parades

As known as the biggest cultural festival ofIreland, allIrishpeople stop their works and together enjoy the jubilant atmosphere of the festival. Offices or schools also have day-off so that no one may miss this important national holiday. St. Patrick's Day was officially recognized as a national holiday around the seventeenth century and gradually became a typical holiday of theIrishcommunity around the world.

The highlight of this festival is a grand parade with the participation of a large number of citizens in colorful costumes, then they eat traditional dishes, drink beer. and enjoy the music.

To enjoy the joyfulness of the parade, it’s so great for you to wear a hoodie in Green with specific patterns to honour this festival, you can visit some of our products inIrish Collectionand pick what you love.

4. "Cheers" And "Nom Nom Nom"

On St. Patrick's Day, it is recorded that worldwide Guinness beerconsumption nearly tripled, from 5.5 million cans per day to 13 million, which is equivalent to 150 cans per second! Cheers!

The "Nom Nom Nom" dish is known as a combination of ground beef and cabbage, which are delicious traditional dishes to serve with beer although this dish is found by Irish immigrants in New York. This explains why in the US, over 26 billion pounds of beef and over two billion pounds of cabbage are processed during this holiday.

It cannot be denied that St. Patrick’s Day is one of the greatest festivals of all Irish because this day represents not only patriotism but also great pride in the culture of beautiful Ireland. No matter who you are, an Irish a person loving this country or even without-knowledge-about-this-day person, you still enjoy St. Patrick’s Day as a native because this day often takes place in many places in the world. It will become more perfect if you can be decked out in clothes with St. Patrick’s Day theme and we are here to bring you a uniqueIrish Collection. All are designed and will be processed with the best materials. Don’t hesitate. Pick anything you love andapply this discount codeLINH10for 10% off.

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