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December 22, 2020

If you have a big garden with a wide range of trees you will understand how hard it is to look after a tree. You will have to pour a lot of sweat to maintain them. This is the reason why arborists were born to solve your problems, when they are very professional in tree maintenance with the safest way to prevent the danger of trees to house and business. Thus to save time, hiring an arborist is better than pruning and removing a tree on your own.

The following ideas will give you an overview about what arborists do and why they are not landscapers. More importantly, if you want to be a real arborist, this article is for you.

. Yes, arborists keep everyone safe, and how can they do that?

. Arborist and Landscaper are two different jobs

1. Yes, arborists keep everyone safe, and how can they do that?

On a regular basis, they are people who take care of the tree through trimming and pruning to ensure that all of the public works like power lines, roads, or sidewalks will not be interfered by trees. Moreover, they also play a role in enhancing the appearance, heath, and value of trees.

Other than cutting away dead or renegade branches, arborists also handle tree diseases and take charge of beautification of decorative species, the shape of ornamental trees and shrubs. They usually use chainsaw, chipper, stump grinder, mower, brush-cutter, and other machinery to complete their tasks.

As a result, their job contains many potential risks as they often have to climb the tree with the rope and ladder and cutting machine to remove the unnecessary part of the tree. Besides, they also have to scarify a lot to work under all kinds of weather conditions, most of the time they are outside. In some emergency situations, the working hour will last longer, for example, in case of transportation blockages, power outages in stormy days that trees are knocked down a lot. Even though in the cold days, they still work regularly to maintain city landscapes and protect people too.

Those are the reasons why we should hire arborists. It will never be a waste of money, since they literally save you loads, if you have a lot of trees to take care. A certificated professional arborist will know the best way to keep trees in shape properly to keep a safe environment and handle any tree emergencies.

2. Arborist and Landscaper are two different jobs

They both work with the trees on both residential and commercial plants. A landscaper main task is to install and maintain the lawn, together with irrigate, weed and mulch. They do not know anything about tree health and safety, if you want to have a nice garden, you can call for them.

On the other hand, an arborist requires a college degree and other related certifications with all skills needed like tree removal and tree maintenance. They also guarantee the safe level of the tree, to make sure no one gets hurt. In any area, trees could trigger problems; they will appear to eliminate those before bad things happen.

Thanks to arborists, everything in cities and towns runs smoothly. Without their appearance, people’s lives will be threatened on the roads, sidewalks and power lines. They protect human lives by protecting the tree to guarantee that everyone will be safe on their way without a dead bough accidentally falling down to their heads. They indirectly decrease air pollution and greenhouse gas, and also increase Oxygen in the atmosphere by their job. Hence, they really play an important role in the society to keep the city environment always in good condition with the green trees.

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