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December 22, 2020

They do not only shine in the sunlight but also impress at night with colorful wings and textures ... .

With a population of 175,000 species, Butterflies are located mostly in the tropics, one of the most diverse insect species in the world. All of them go through the same life cycle, the transformation from egg to caterpillar and maturity. Let's take a look at 7 kinds of butterflies considered the most beautiful ones in the world.

  1. Monarch butterfly
  2. Iridescent butterfly
  3. Emperor butterfly
  4. Spotted butterfly
  5. Blue butterfly
  6. Pieris Rapae
  7. Marbled White butterfly

1. Monarch butterfly

Every year, in the fir forest of the National Butterfly Conservation Center of Mexico, it is familiar to see many herbs of butterflies which travelled a very long distance to come here for wintering. This phenomenon draws the massive attention of the natural lovers and tourists.

Hundreds of fir trees spanning 13,000 hectares at the Conservation Center are covered with a diversity of monarchs.

However, according to scientists, the number of rare monarchs has decreased significantly in recent years, resulting from the impact of climate change.

2. Iridescent Butterfly

The iridescent butterfly is one of the most eye-catching creatures in England. In the summer, they can be found sucking nectar in many gardens throughout the parks, but when winter comes, they completely disappear without a trace.

It’s wing has a special structure, consisting of many overlapping thin layers, and the interwoven chalk layers create brilliant five-color wings and glow in the sun.

3. Emperor butterfly

The emperor butterfly is one of the largest sized species in the butterfly family. They are found in abundance in continental Europe and in Northern Asia. The iridescent wings are mixed with deep purple and white, which have made this species different from others.

The most interesting point is in the distinct color difference between males and females; The males wore colorful purple dresses while the females gave themselves a beautiful reddish-brown outfit.

The big difference compared to other species is that they do not take nectar from flowers, instead sweet juice from aphids is the favorite dish of emperor butterflies. That is why they like to live on tall trees.

4. Spotted Butterfly

Unlike other butterflies, spotted butterflies tend to live in low ground, close to the ground, so they often lay eggs where ferns are dead or on rock layers below limestone. Flowers of the dried seeds, raspberry bushes and thistle are the butterfly's favorite nectar sources.

5. Blue Butterfly

Summer is the time when female green butterflies begin to lay eggs on thyme flowers. After blooming, the caterpillars do not stay too long on the flower but fall to the ground. The special feature here is that they are taken care of by the ants until they reach adulthood.

When falling to the ground, they begin to secrete an ant attractant that makes these ants think they are ant larvae, so the little moths are kept by these ants for 10 months until they reach adulthood.

6. Pieris Rapae

White cabbage butterflies, also known as white butterflies, are harmless and popular in flower gardens. However, the caterpillars are the killer of crops, especially on cabbage farms. The name of this butterfly also comes from here.

Carrying unpleasant odor chemicals on themselves, caterpillars are not eaten by birds. However, wasps are the exact enemy of them. Parasites on cabbage butterflies, Wasps are considered biological agents to help kill harmful moths, protect crops and plants.

7. Marbled White butterfly

White marble butterfly has two prominent white and black colors on the wings like a piece of marble. It is difficult to confuse them with other butterflies throughout the British Isles. Flowered meadows are a favorite spot for these butterflies. They are widely distributed in Europe, the South and East of England.

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