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December 11, 2020

As known, up to now, the dog always is the most attached pet to humans and has various precious characteristics that everyone may not know. Please follow this article to gain more interesting facts about this lovely animal.

1.The earliest domesticated species

About 13 to 15 thousand years ago, dogs were tamed and raised in order to keep homes and help hunters. At this gathering-and-hunting period, primitive humans realized that dogs were able to detect prey from afar, which made hunting easier. Also because of being early domesticated, along with the horse, the dog is one of the few animals that can recognize its former owner after years of separation.

2. The best nose

According to many studies, the chemical receptors of many animals are more developed than those of humans. Among these animals, dogs, especially hunting dogs, can clearly distinguish the smell of prey from a variety of scents. The dog can detect the smell of the animal lurking in the cavity. Therefore, it becomes an effective assistant for the scouting officers to find out the culprit without leaving any traces on the scene except for human gas. In addition, many dogs have made many victories in finding “banned goods” such as drugs, illegal cigarettes mixed with other goods.

Furthermore, in hunting, dogs are the animals using their best chemical receptors. There is a fact that a dog's nose is 4,000 times more audible than a human's and can distinguish more than 5,000 different scents.

3. The species has a long-standing social regime

Only after humans, dogs tend to be herds (a miniature society) in whose leader takes its own function. In rural areas, especially in villages and forests, people still witness many flocks of dogs with leading dogs foraging or running. That wolves with co-attacking wild buffalo (commonly seen in African countries) is the best proof of the dog's "social" activity, collective hunting. This is also a way for dogs to defend themselves and protect themselves from large animals.

4. The most persistent species

Among animals, dogs, especially wolves do not stalk but persistently chase prey. The leader marches in the van and the dogs try to get ahead of their prey to block the way and force the prey to turn around. At that time, the dogs rush and take prey. With big and strong prey such as buffalos, bison, wolves persistently chasing them, one bites their feet, one jumps on the body, other go up and bite the snout. On the contrary, when living with humans, the dog is seen as the most reliable "watchman". In particular, many dogs do not leave their owners half a step and may risk themselves for their owners.

5. The most loyal species

Matching activity in animals, especially mammals is very rare. Of these, dogs usually live as a couple for a lifetime and form a 'monogamous' family for a lifetime, although dogs are fairly early sexually mature, around 2 years old. This is different from large mammals such as elephants, tigers, and rhinoceroses that often live in "polygamy".

It is so pleasant to come home and play with these adorable and intelligent dogs after a tiring working day. There may be a lot more interesting things about this most loyal animal that you do not know, please stay tuned for more in the next section.

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(to be continued)