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December 12, 2020

Fenrir (pronounced “FEN-rir”) is the most famous giant wolf monster inNorse mythology.

1. Who is Fenrir?

You can callFenrir Wolf in many ways as Fenrisúlfr, Fenris or Chipagandr. Fenrir was born from the bloodline ofthe demoniac god Loki and the giantess Angrboða, the brother of the hell goddess Hel and the snake Jǫrmungandr.

After being born, Fenrir was raised by the Aesir gods in order to prevent him from causing disturbances in the nine worlds. But when Fenrir grew up at an astounding pace, the gods became scared and chained him up. The cunning gods played a game to see if Fenrir was strong enough to break the leash if he was tied off. Fenrir agreed to this try. For the first time, the gods used a very solid chain named Leyding but Fenrir easily broke it. The second time, the gods brought a chain twice as heavy (Dromi) but unsuccessful because Fenri had kicked it into pieces of vinegar. On the third time, the gods asked the messenger to bring a magic rope - Gleipnir. It's made of six seemingly impossible ingredients: cat footsteps, female whiskers, mountain roots, bear's tendons, fish breath, and bird drool. This time, Fenrir became suspicious and only agreed when a god dared to place his hand on his muzzle to show his goodwill. No one had the courage to do this except the god Týr, who dared to feed Fenrir while he was still locked in a cage. When Fenrir could not escape from Gleypnir's chains, he understood that he had been deceived. Fenrir becomes frantic and bites off Týr's right hand in revenge. Since then, Týr has been known as the one-handed god. The chain was then tied to a boulder and a sword was placed in Fenrir's mouth to force him to always open its mouth, unable to bite anyone. While Fenrir continuously howled violently, the river called “ Expectation” ( Old Norse Ván ) flowed from his bubbling mouth. Hence, Fenrir is also known as Vasnagandr. Although the gods knew that Fenrir would later kill Odin, they didn't want the monster's blood to contaminate their sacred places so they didn't kill Fenrir.

When Ragnarok arrived, according to Volva's prediction, Fenrir escaped from Gleypnir's chains and stirred the world. His lower jaw was above the ground, his upper jaw was in the sky and it swallowed everything in his path. Fire was sprayed from his eyes and nostrils. Fenrir stood side by side with giants and other monsters in the battle against the gods on Vigridr field. Fenrir's rival at Ragnarok was the god Odin and Fenrir would kill Odin. Odin's son Vidarr would cut Fenrir's flesh to avenge his father's death.

2. What does Fenrir Tattoo mean?

Fenrir Wolf is not only the most famous of many wolves but also is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying creatures in Norse mythology. Therefore, it cannot be denied that many people have great passion with Fenrir, and Fenrir tattoo is considered as a featured way for them to show that spirit because all tattoos bring deep meanings as mentioned below.

  1. The Power

The power of Fenrir Wolf in Norse mythology was undeniable. Fenrir’s power is so great that this power makes the gods frightened to the point of nurturing him in Asgard's stronghold to keep him under control. Hence, people with Norse wolf tattoos desire to possess Fenrir’s incredible powers, which can help them feel more confident and give them the courage to overcome all difficulties in life.

  1. Family-oriented

From Fenrir's life, we can easily see that Fenrir is a family-oriented person. He always stood by his siblings against the gods they hated. With Fenrir tattoos, people may show the love to their family and remind themselves that family is everything. They admit that no matter how the world treats them, family is always by your side.

  1. Unforeseeable

Unpredictability is also one of Fenrir's attributes. The gods had not been able to foresee that Fenrir would grow so fast and they could not have imagined that Fenrir would have such a tremendous power until they tested him. In that sense, Fenrir Tattoo also carries a meaning that this life has many unpredictable things and we should not stop hoping for life.

Fenrir Wolf 's life made him become one of the most famous figures in Norse mythology with great power, the family-mindedness and the unforeseen attributes. If you “fall in love” with Fenrir wolf, you can visit the Fenrir Wolf collection to find something you love.