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December 15, 2020

One day, after getting out of bed, you feel tired and bored and do not want to go to work, a get-away day from the hustle and bustle life of the city will be great for you to refresh yourself and lessen the strain as well. It could be a beach, a mountain, a normal place as the normal choice of many others, but it could be some amazing places that you have never set your foot on like the farm stays. Just take a look at all these Europe farms below, you may consider experiencing a wonderful day as a farmer under the slight sun lights in the countryside, or simply a fortnight fantastic holiday option.

You may fancy making your hands dirty in the midst of peaceful countryside, which gives you a sense of achievement too. These areas will reveal a lot of sights and sounds straightforward of your vision, you can gain a new skill or activity, or normally recover from a busy lifestyle. In these Europe’s pristine landscapes. You may enjoy a cottage next to an English cow dairy or a homely villa in a huge Italian olive garden, we have all sorts of farms to suit.

  1. England
  2. Italy
  3. France
  4. Spain
  5. Scotland


For a number of reasons, farm stays in England are ideal places, that you can fancy a get away with a few days off you have, decrease flight costs and travel times, and discover new beloved green regions and gentle land.

There are various gorgeous farm rentals in England, from costly luxurious villas in Devon to coastal, Cornish farmhouses. The natural beauty and serenity of the places here will always surprise you with the feeling at home.


Another choice is Italy, with the charming beauty of the farm under the sunshine that you cannot neglect. Just a short drive from Florence, the ancient farms in Sardinia and Spoleto look like the real life fairy tales appear together with the enchanted sleepy stone villas. The diversity of the farm stays here will make you confused to choose due to its beauty. The old olive farms will be interesting if you want to see farmers press olive’s oil, or to taste the fragrance of orange, lemon or almond garden. It is the reason why you may fall in love with this pleasant land.


When it comes to France, people always mention wine. Nowhere else in the world can we find a place that offers more grape varieties than this country, which not only pays for a connoisseur but also for anyone who loves the green and eagle to know more about this well-known wine. A 17th century Gite will bring about a unique experience to you where there are a wide range of organic farms. At this place you can pull up your sleeves to work as a real farmer in the sunny days in the vineyard. You will soon understand why France is renowned for its farm stay destination.


Spain is always one of the best choices for those who want to imagine the long beach views or remote countryside. It is never a waste of time to be here where the landscape is full of sunlight with spectacular produce and a different pace of life will attract you to stay more. It also offers you with plenty of entertainment activities. You can stroll around a huge olive grove, explore deep green valleys, feed ducks and chickens in the afternoon. For natural lovers, Spain farm stays will never let you down.


It is sheer variety on offer of Scotland farm stays with the picturesque beauty, remarkable landscapes, and outstanding diversity. It is famous for wonderful farm stays. Travelers may enjoy the dark, rippling waters of a loch from a large farmhouse, or stay in the cozy and beautiful cottages in marvelous islands. It is really suitable for those who love the seclusion. There is no orange grove or coastal view here, but the unrivalled hospitality of this lovely country will make you want to stay more.

For these outdoor activities, you should prepare thoughtfully to have a great trip. We also offer a lot of farm clothes, cow clothes that fit your travelling well to have some funny and beautiful photos. Besides, it could be a very meaningful gift for your father or mother even siblings if they are the farmers to bring joy to their work. More importantly, it is for all of the farm lovers in the world.And do not miss out on the discount code: HA10 for 10% off for our new customers. We wish you love it.