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December 24, 2020

Dolphins are exceptionally intelligent marine animals that live in water but breathe on the top of their head through a blowhole. They are extraordinary creatures that have evolved a form of sonar called hunting and prey echolocation. They are really playful and sweet.

Below are some interesting facts about dolphins:

1. Found around the world and in diverse habitats.

There are 36 species of marine dolphins living in almost all aquatic habitats, including lakes, coasts, estuaries, and freshwater, at temperatures ranging from below 0 C to above 30 °C. The northernmost pod of bottlenose dolphins in the world is found in Scotland.

2. Each dolphin has its own name!

Each dolphin has a whistle of its own that is special to each individual. They are used by dolphins to interact with and recognize each other.

These signature dolphin whistles are formed during a dolphin's first year and stay the same during their lifetime. Before they are born, female dolphins can also teach their calves their whistles.

3. Dolphins are Excellent Nappers

Since dolphins can't breathe underwater, they need to swim up to the surface of the ocean to get oxygen. Instead of sleeping for many hours at a time, they rest one hemisphere.

4. They can turn off half of their brain

Bottlenose dolphins sleep at the same time with half their brain and keep one eye open. They are believed to do this to keep an eye out for their party - to ensure that they stay together - and to watch out for predators such as sharks.

5. Dolphins are fast sprinters

Bottlenose dolphins, traveling at around 2 mph, are normally fairly sluggish swimmers. For brief times, however, they can hitspeeds of over 30 mph!

6. A dynamic digestive system
There areabout 250 teeth in dolphins. They use them just to capture prey and not to chew their food as they swallow it whole straight away. Indeed, they do have several stomach chambers in one of them. While one is devoted to digestion, until it is digested, the other one stores the food.

7. Friendly but picky!

Dolphins are very friendly with other dolphins and want to spend time with them. Nevertheless, they separate info friend groups themselves. Dolphins, much like humans,enjoy the company of those mates rather than others.

8. They're intelligent, like us

Bottlenose dolphins are, along with primates and humans, one of the few animals that have the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror. This is regarded to be 'reflective' of their intellect.

Dolphins are also among the few species using instruments that have been recorded. Dolphins fit marine sponges over their beaks in Shark Bay in Western Australia to shield them from sharp, dangerous rocks as they forage for fish.

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