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December 14, 2020

Asian countries

Legend has it that a young man met the girl he loved, while chasing butterflies flying around. It took him to a garden where love began to sprout and grow. Therefore, in Chinese culture butterflies are representative of love.

Butterflies also symbolize long life. Because the word "butterfly" in Chinese has the same pronunciation as "70 years".

In Japan, butterflies represent young women of hope and happiness in marriage.


In Christianity, butterflies represent revival. Because they are born in the form of caterpillars and eventually transform into beautiful butterflies.

Accordingly, butterflies have become an important symbol in Easter.

A butterfly can be considered a "dead" insect, when it stays in its cocoon for a long time. But in the end it will revive and enjoy a new life.

Butterflies are symbols of transcendent creatures. It is capable of overcoming normal limits and flying straight into the sky. In many spiritual circles, butterflies also represent spirit or soul.

Native Americans

In Native American culture, they believe that butterflies can bring one's wish to their Creator. To do that, you need to catch a butterfly and whisper your wishes to it then release the butterfly into the sky.

In America, releasing butterflies at the end of a wedding is a symbolic act of love. It shows faith in a promising marriage.

Some meanings of butterfly colors for Native Americans:

Brown: Big news

Gold: Hope and mentorship

Black: Bad news or illness

White: Luck

Red: The great event

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