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December 24, 2020

For thousands of years, lions have been a significant emblem, featuring as a motif in cultures across Europe, Asia, and Africa. In most ancient and biblical scriptures, this fierce beast is related to our inner desires. The lion symbolizes a positive time in life. As a positive quality, the strength, desire, control, and possession of a lion are often seen. The lion symbolizes in many countries are: courage, justice, power, strength, wisdom, pride, dignity, dominating, authority, material wealth, and riches.

1. Egyptian culture

The lions called the "King of the Beasts" in ancient Egypt, symbolized resilience, solar power, and kingship. It represented either threat and chaos, or a protector offering defense against chaos, because of its terrifying existence. Like many animals (hippos, crocodiles, cobras, vultures...) that roamed Egypt during the Ancient Period, lions were not worshipped per se as gods but rather believed to be embodiments of the Egyptian gods.

Since Egyptians also regarded lions as the fiercest hunters to walk this planet, the gods bear a striking similarity to them. The terrified warrior goddessSekhmet, in particular, was represented as either a lioness or a lion-headed warrior. Often portrayed as a lion-headed warrior is the war godMaahes, who sometimes carries a knife and wears Egypt's double crown.



2. Asian culture

The lion symbolism and its cultural depictions can be found inHindu and Buddhist art of India and Southeast Asia. Power, wisdom, and consistency represent lions. It is synonymous with gold's highly idealistic and coveted characteristics.

The island nation of Singapore is one of the landmarks of the country in Southeast Asia that we cannot list without it.

Courage, strength, and achievement are symbolized by the Lion Head. The colors of the National Flag are solid red against a white backdrop. There are five sections in the mane reflecting the same five values represented in the five National Flag stars, namely freedom, harmony, development, justice, and equality. The tenacious mien of the lion symbolizes the single-minded determination of the country to face any obstacles and conquer them.

As a gate protector, a statue of a pair of lions is frequently found in temples in Southeast Asia.

Statues of lions flanking the temple gate or access roads in Cambodia are typically found in Angkor temples. A pair of guardian animals representing the royal symbol of Cambodia; Gajasingha (an elephant and lion hybrid) and Singha (lion).

In Thailand, as a guardian, a pair of lion statues are also placed before the temple entrance.

3. African culture

The lion appears to symbolize power, bravery, pride, wisdom, authority, and securityacross the continent, while the lioness portraysfierce motherhood and femininity. The lion is also thought to hold unique defense powers in Africa.

The lion is also known by African healers as“the beast of a thousand omens": if a man traveling sees a lion crossing his path from left to right, it is considered that by the end of his journey he will gain wealth; if the man comes across mating lions, it is believed to mean that he will marry a princess or wealthy woman, and if he encounters a lion who then pursues him up a tree, it is believed that the man will marry a princess or wealthy woman.

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