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December 22, 2020

Native Americans have a lot of outstanding features to make them proud, including 2 main key points. Just take a glance here, their magnificent culture will open a new horizon for you.

  1. Their prosperous history
  2. Their unique culinary

1.Their prosperous history.

America and America were not known to the world until the fifteenth century but actually existed since ancient times. Nowadays, with the development of the sciences, anthropology and ethnography tell us that the indigenous people here are originally from Asia. Through the ups and downs of history, Native Americans now account for only about 1% of the US population. The rest is due to immigrants from all over the world over the past 400 years of different ethnicities and cultures.

Talking about American culture is to mention the American culture that many scientists call Native American, Indian American, people of the first Nation or Indigenous people are only American immigrants who came from Asia in their ancient history along with their cultures.

Up to the 15th century in America today there were about 2 to 10 million out of 40 million people on the American continent, with 350 different languages. Native people in the United States live scattered on the vast territory of the mountains of the East and Midwest, mainly by hunting, gathering followed by farming and breeding. The family had a division of labor. Women take care of the farming, men participate in hunting and fighting. Social life follows the community and the clan.

Indigenous peoples have created a rich Aboriginal culture. In addition to folklore, many tribes have language and hieroglyphics that still preserve until today. The art of making pottery was born, pottery utensils with sophisticated decorations. The bark weaving is valued, reflecting their rich spiritual life. Apache residents are very skillful, wicker with willow branches, and decorate with delicate beads. Crafts made of feathers, seashells, porcupine feathers, tortoise shells have created everyday items such as grass baskets, leather water ladles, fur coats, and looms with spindles to weave shell trees. Handicrafts in America today are the absorption of handicrafts left by indigenous people. Living means such as tents, houses, sled dogs, sleds, kayaks, smoking pipes, medicines from the famous American coca-cola or chocolate today are derived from the formula. The refining of the indigenous people, even the recipe for chewing gum (singum) was found by indigenous people from ancient times.

2. Their unique culinary

American culinary culture today must certainly rely on the foods created by indigenous people. KFC beans, corn, squash, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, peppers, tobacco, bananas, artichokes, sunflower seeds, nut oils and turkey also now have a history from the people. geography. The US agriculture and food industry today with world-leading yields such as peanuts, tomatoes, and corn ... are all created by Native Americans.

Aboriginal cultures are extremely rich. Nearly half of the US state names are derived from Aboriginal languages ​​such as Chicago, Dakota, Massachussetts, Oregon, and Mexico. Many Aboriginal words are still used every day: Tobaco, manmonth moccasin, hominy, pappoose, tumpline, wampum, tomahawk, moose, totem, tuckahool, wigwam, sachem, sagamore, squaw, succotash ... Or American English Derived from aboriginal words to call localities, towns, cities such as: Topeka, Wichita, Tallahassee, Tacoma, Cheynne, Kansas, HacKensack, KeoKuk, Mobile, Minhurst, MusKegon, Niarga, Omaha, Osceola….

Native American culture has left a diverse and rich picture of the process of migration from Asia to a new continent after the 15th century, the New World or the Americas, including America ... flourishing and declining, blood and tears, peace and war. But after loss and grief, humanity and Americans today still honor culture and religion with the determination to protect the national cultural identity of Native Americans, more diverse than American religion.

When Zangwill introduced the Melting Pot theory, everyone thought it was a theory of mixing cultures, in which European culture was the main raw material for shaping and dissolving other cultures in America. There was a time when Aboriginal culture was eroded, faced up with threat of disappearance. Nevertheless, with the persistence and perseverance of the tradition, the Aboriginal culture still constantly struggles to maintain its indomitable life. America became powerful in both pragmatic and rational culture, and suddenly remembered its roots. To resolve the conflicts of the industrial and consumer era, the US State is quite flexible in preserving and exploiting, concentrating and dispersing, modernity and tradition in protecting the traditional culture. Initiatives and the support of the culture and national identity of the indigenous peoples are underway. The customs and beliefs of the Indians like Sun Dance and Gost Dance are being preserved. The physical and intangible culture of indigenous people is being preserved. Ethnographic Museums, Art Museums, American Aboriginal Art and Cultural Museums in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in Washington DC and various places.

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