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December 28, 2020

Wolves are a very common motif in mythological stories, especially the cultures of peoples in Eurasia and North America. The indigenous peoples of many lands on the savannas and vast plains where mighty wolves live, sanctified and worshiped the animal.

Wolves are one of the most popular symbols in the world. A good and meaningful quote about a life that motivates and transmits fire to develop himself. "The lion is very strong. The tiger is the ultimate champion of the world. However, remember that wolves have never appeared in the circus to amuse mankind. " The sentence is like an affirmation of the pride of the wolf. Humans can tame lions or tigers, but wolves - with their wisdom, decisiveness, consistency and pride, they never accept to underestimate themselves. Those are the essential characteristics of the leader.

Going deeper into understanding the personality characteristics of wolves you can see them:

1. Wisdom and ability to adapt quickly

A simple story of how wolves are adaptable and wise. The story of the wolf's digestion is also surprising. Wolves eat almost all their prey when they eat their prey, leaving all the meat on the bones, leaving only the bones that cannot be eaten. They hide their feces very well for fear that humans will detect and track them, and their feces are "mainly animal hair & teeth", they digest all ingested. Because in the long term and harsh conditions, wolves have to face hunger and have to digest all their food, wolves also have very large stomachs, so that they cannot perish.

2. The ability to recognize and deal with problems

A story of a hunter tells of being in the process of hunting for wolves. When a wolf is being chased to a fork with 2 hunters at the end with a pistol in hand, they will do their best to find a way to escape with 1 of the 2 guns, never running into the narrow road. There are no people because they know that "If you win the lane, you will win, and if you go on a flat road you will die because they know that the flat lane has traps". They do not believe in easy things, having to use their own strength to overcome dangers is the safest route.

3. The more you fail, the more you fight

The wolves never give up on their own goals because of failure. A wolf can hide in the bushes for a few days to observe prey, so they are often hungry, thus helping wolves face failure very actively and learn from failure. with an attitude "Calm - Cool - Optimistic"

The philosophy of the wolf is to fight. Fight, they have food to live - Fight, it protects themselves from being destroyed - Fight, the pot-breed's strengths are not destroyed.

That is why people often compare wolves to brave warriors who are determined to never falter. In their dictionary failure is the beginning.

4. Love freedom and always aim for freedom

Wolves are animals that love freedom, they like to be their own boss, own their own lives, rather than starve to death, or not be a slave or entertain others. A very beautiful quote that is consistent with the wolf philosophy of life: "Life is precious, but freedom is more precious".

5. Patient and persistent

Wolves are not the pet of God, especially among predators, their stature does not have any predominance. They do not have absolute strength, do not have a strong body, even their only weapon is their sharp teeth, most other animals have. And especially wolves are species that do not hibernate, so how can they escape that extreme period? That is what people care about and think about.

Wolves can spend all day observing and monitoring their prey without being bored or tired. The wolf's hunting success rate is up to 90%. To do that, patiently, meticulously observing prey and choosing the right time is extremely important to them.

6. Handshake cooperation - Good luck

Wolves are an animal that works with a team spirit, extremely well laid out. In the herd, the head of the herd is the ultimate power, all other wolves must obey their commands when hunting. And wolves also have hunches and cooperate with each other in surprising hunting. There is a saying "The fierce tiger cannot defeat a pack of wolves" or with a pack of wolves in hunting can coordinate with each other to capture a herd of antelopes and kill hundreds of them as a battle of magic.

7. Love with children

By the riverbank, a wolf had to take the cubs across the river. With my experience, you probably think wolves will steal each one through the river. But the reality is that the mother wolf is afraid that her child is in danger, so she will bite to death an animal, blow gas into their stomach and use it as a raft to bring the child to the river.

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